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Since Danish scientist Boersen (since the first magnetism records recorder of device —— steel wire, magnetic recording technology already had history of more than 100 years. During this, record tape of audio carrier —— , arrive to be mixed with paper from original steel wire plastic the tape that makes belt radical, go to company of riverside of Holand humble benefit (the cassette that Philips) development gives, not only performance is better and better, and use very convenient; Recording method, from do not have at first slant magnetism recording slants to dc magnetism recording, slant to communication again magnetism recording, not only rose to record sound reproduction to believe a confusion of voices to compare, and raised recording sensitivity and reduced lack fidelity; Recording and sound reproduction track, develop stereo dual track, the four tones of classical Chinese phonetics to from odd track with 8 track; Control fashion, move from the hand semi-automatic, be controlled to computer again and remote control; Circuit structure, arrive from cumbersome metallic component and valve transistor, integrated circuit, arrive again odd a circuit, produced major change for many times; Signal handles way, transferring to digital means from imitate means.
1, the basic composition of the recorder
The basic composition of the recorder is shown like graph 4-1 place. It is main by microphone (mike) , magnetic head (include recording head, playback head and erasing head) , circuit of oscillating circuit, power source reachs circuit of enlarge of sound reproduction of actuating device of tape, tape, collection, supersonic frequency the partial composition such as loudhailer.
When recording, mike is used sound signal changeover is frequency telecommunication date, recording head changes the signal that it is magnetism with the electric signal that will will be recorded, actuating device makes tape with constant when speed carries recording head, account issues the magnetism signal that wants a record. When sound reproduction, playback head is the magnetism signal changeover on tape frequency telecommunication date, the You Yangsheng after classics enlarge implement reductive for former voice signal. Accordingly, recording is one report essentially the ordinal transition of one magnetism, sound reproduction is magnetism essentially one report ordinal transition.

2, the sort of the recorder and characteristic
As the development of magnetic recording technology, the breed of the tape recorder is increasing, classified method also has a lot of kinds. For example, will divide by track, collection of track having sheet puts radio cassette player of machine, odd track, stereo collection to put machine and stereo radio cassette player to wait; Will divide by configuration, be born type, table, portable, pocket type and car carry type to wait; Will divide by functional utility, have collection put amphibious type, sound reproduction special type, close / collection / put 3 with type, muti_function combined-type, can put from the double box of the collection oneself (card) the recorder of type etc special purpose; Will divide by tape, winding tape and outfit box kind, type of disk type, box and card type wait.
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