Principle of hair dryer job

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The electric heat component of hair dryer installs the front that is in charge of in wind, wind leaf installs the runner shaft in electric machinery directly, when receiving electrify source, electromotor drive rotor drives wind leaf to rotate, air from air inlet inspiratory, form centrifugal or axial air current, after component of by electric heat heats, sirocco from give blast tuyere to be blown. If electric heat component does not receive electrify source, criterion hair dryer blows for air cooling. The temperature that blows a sirocco by decide into wind force or attemperatior, the circular wind fender of rotational air inlet, adjustable take wind force and hot air temperature.

The hair dryer that produces now contains overheat protector mostly or be restricted Wen Heng decides device, its are electric line attempt is shown like plan institute. It can be in charge of normal working circumstance to fall to receive electrify grade automatically in wind, and when overheat of electric heat component, can cut off circuit automatically, remove protection thereby or be restricted the action of lukewarm, constant temperature.

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