The principle of phone

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If somebody asks you ‘ what to is phone? ’ , how do you explain? The explanation on the dictionary is ‘ is the person with remote be apart mutual a device ’ that when communicating, uses, or ‘ installs the equipment ’ in line terminal to communicate language or electric wave. Before may most person person the explanation is more. Average person knows what the utility of the phone is, but not quite clear its principle.

Wired phone

Phone has the sound wave changeover terminal to be electronic signal, convey through line remote the other side, the electronic signal second birth that come conveys the other side to be speech in the meantime (sound wave) , the function that makes its communicate, and send the signal that can choose from inside many the other side (dial date pulse) , inform the function such as the call sound of the other side. Phone sends a word by what deliver speech changeover line for electric current machine, convey the other side the electric current that come is reductive of the other side of the machine getting a word that is speech, call dial or the pushbutton, ring that delivers call news, it is these join on line carry out its functional circuitry. Send the small case that there is grain of replete carbon element inside word engine, its ahead has vibration of thin duralumin alloy board. Vibration board basis speech is oscillatory, grain of oscillatory carbon element, conduction current of carbolic element grain, as the osculatory degree of grain, resistor happening changes, generate speech electricity. After machine getting a word accepts the speech electric current of the other side, the magnetic force that speech electric current causes is created on coil, oscillatory Tie Zhen is moved board, sound.


This kind of phone can be divided roughly reach automatic type phone for magneto phone and resonance type phone. Magneto phone is comprised by the diabolo small generator of call operator and the phone with the batteries that can communicate with the other side, use scarcely at present. The cell that resonance type phone can use jointly by the person that join in telephone exchange and generation set are become, it is the phone that when taking chance getting a word, its signal arrives at telephone exchange. Automatic type phone is dial or rotate when pushbutton number, the phone of the other side of join of automatic switching equipment of telephone exchange. When be like the other side and other to communicate, give out the signal in communicating. It is current most commonly used phone.

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