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Catharsis principle

No matter be manual catharsis, still be mechanical catharsis, the fundamental of decontamination is same, namely: Washing (wait like clothings) immerse in catharsis fluid (namely the aqueous solution of scour) in, the bilge on washing by catharsis fluid wet, solubilizing, emulsification, dispersive, fall in the action of mechanical power next, make bilge breaks away from washing, enter catharsis fluid. The differs to depend on providing mechanical power merely origin of manual catharsis and washing machine catharsis, former it is a person, latter is a machine.

The bilge on the dress, basically originate human body secretion, fecal with environmental contaminant. Bilge can be divided for bilge of water-solubility bilge, grease sex bilge and solid particle. These bilge rely on appeal of mechanical and adherent force, element or chemical bond to be equal clothings photograph is united in wedlock, adherent go up in clothings. Catharsis process should be weakened namely and destroy bilge to be the same as the adhesion of clothings, use mechanical power and the method that chemical force photograph combines namely, make bilge departs effectively with clothings.

The chemical force of decontamination is by scour (be like washing powder) of generation. Scour is with interfacial active content is main raw material, certain chroma is amounted to in water when it when, of its active element kiss water of water radical front, hydrophobic group is extended to bilge, adsorptive at bilge surface, invade bilge interior, make the fiber of clothings and bilge are infiltrated by catharsis fluid, permeate, expand, weaken greatly thereby destroyed the adhesion between bilge and fiber even.

In the clothings fiber small opening that because bilge is permeated toward contact,has a few micron only, so, still must have the aid of the action at mechanical power, make clothings is out of shape, come out bilge from fiber Kong Zhongji. This is catharsis process besides should use scour besides, even rub is kneaded, the reason of the mechanical action such as agitate, attrition, concussion.

The type of washing machine

  1. presses classification of mode of operation

Average washing machine. The function such as its catharsis, full, dehydrate all needs manual transition.

Semi-automatic washing machine. It can be between the function such as catharsis, full, dehydrate, realize the automatic changeover of some two functions.

Full automatic washing machine. It can realize all functions such as catharsis, full, dehydrate automatically.

   2. presses structure and catharsis means classification

  Impeller type washing machine. This kind of washing machine is wash clothes in vertical the bucket is bottom, installation churns the impeller of current, rotate what rely on impeller quickly, make clothings rolls ceaselessly, attrition, achieve the goal of catharsis thereby. Our country urban and rural family uses this kind of washing machine generally. Its advantage is: Time for washing is short (10 minutes or so) , abluent degree tall, the structure is simple, use convenient, the price is low, with electric province, cover an area of little; Defect is: With water much, wash clothes quantity (5 kilogram of 1 ~ ) little, clothings is easy twine, decontamination is inhomogenous, wear away to short staple fabric big.
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