Electronic musical instrument is commonly used the meaning that English labels

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Guitar of report of ELEC.GUITAR of chord of AITO BASSCHORD automatic bass

ACCOMP VARIATION accompanies variation FLUTE flute

Comical sound of ACCORDION accordion FUNNY

ARPEGGIO arpeggio FILL IN is inserted

AUX OUT assists output to insert aperture FINGEREO hand moves chord to accompany

AUX IN assists an input to insert aperture FAST fast

Guitar of GUITAR of happy concert of BRASS ENSEMBLE copper pipe

Gu Gangqin of HARPSICHORD of BASS bass guitar

Harp of HARP of BASSVARIATION bass variation

Hawaiian guitar of CHORD chord HAWAIIAN GUITAR

French horn of CELESTA celesta HORN

Harmonica of CELLO cello HARMONICA

Organ of CLARINET clarinet Sir JAZZ ORGAN

Guitar of CHIMES ding Sir JAZZ GUITAR

Sound of COSMIC TONE universe

Variation of CHORD VARIATION chord

CHORUS chorally

DUET duet


DRMONSTRATION sets an example

ELECTRONICORGAN electron musical instrument

ELEC.PINO report piano

MASTER VOLUME total volume

System of MEMORY SYSTEM storage

MAX is the biggest

MIN is the smallest

NORMAL is common

ORCHESTRA orchestra

ORGAN organ

OBOE oboe

ONE.KEY.PLAY single bond is performed

PLANO piano

PIPE ORGAN pipe organ

PICCOLO piccolo

PERCUS blow is happy

POPS popular music

POLKA wave Er gets stuck

PITCH CONTROL high control

PHONES earphone socket

POWER power source

RIGHT is right (track)

Waltz of Sir JAZZ WALTZ

Jive of LATIN SWING Latin

LONG is long

LEET is left (track)

Output of LINE OUT circuitry inserts aperture

Input of LINE IN circuitry inserts aperture

MANDOLIN mandolin

MARCH march

RESET restoration

Volume of RHYTHM YOLOME rhythm

Speed of RHYTHM TEMPO rhythm

Happy concert of bowstring of STRING EN SEMBLE

SYNTAE synthesis

SWING jive

SAMBA samba

START/STOP begins / stop

SLOW is slow

SOLO (SUSTAIN) solo (continuously)

SHORT is short

STEREO stereo

TONE SELECT chooses tinnily

TUBA sousaphone

TRUMPET trumpet

TROMBONE trombone

TANGO tango

TUNE is adjusted

TREMOLO trill, quavery

ROCK GUITAR rocks and roll guitar
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