The choose and buy of microwave oven and use

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The choose and buy of microwave oven

Microwave oven regards the mark of modern kitchen as article, already began to enter the family of dweller of our country town. The microwave oven that at present city makes work has homebred (basically be to import loose mail to assemble a product) import with former outfit (basically be Japan is produced) two kinds. Function of homebred microwave oven is installed formerly under the entrance machine, but the value is inferior also, comfortable at our country broad consumer is bought. When microwave oven of choose and buy, must choose mark to have manufacturer home and the product that have product certificate of approval (include a manual) . Because the microwave of microwave oven does not allow leak, when choosing so, should notice furnace door is sealed close, furnace door glass is in good condition, not due the damaged of nick, use in average household, power of choose and buy the microwave oven under 800 tile, OK and contented use.

The use of microwave oven

Microwave oven is product of a kind of high-grade electric home appliances

When microwave oven was not putting food, forbidden electrify switchs on the mobile phone, lest be in,carry condition to fall for nothing, microwave answers banging magnetism to accuse a canal, cause damage.

Cannot use metallic container full-dress food and inside furnace of wave of buy in a subtle way. Cannot penetrate as a result of microwave metalware, so not only cannot heat food, and many catoptric microwave still can damage magnetism accuses a canal. To the food that a few tinsel paper pack, should tear open first go packing, put into microwave oven to heat again.

Because microwave oven heats time weak point, thermal efficiency is tall, do not want the container of will airtight Cheng Fang food and bottled food, egg so, put into microwave oven, lest heat,expand cause dissilient accident. When if must be put,heating, answer to open container lid, cap, but cannot heat egg.

Microwave oven does not want to be put in magnetic article all round, lest affect,heat the effect. Also do not put around the television (should be far from 2 ~ 3 meters besides) , lest microwave oven works when, cause interference to TV signal.

Before use microwave oven, should notice to check a paper strip for sealing of furnace door edge, observe whether glazing is in good condition, if have unusual or damaged, should instantly disuse, in case microwave leak.

Do not use microwave oven to add thermochemistry agent goods and with the chemistry that contains caustic cleaner cleans microwave oven lumen, lest heat when, caustic chemical agent causes the leak outside microwave.

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