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Use family expenses cleaner how correctly

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1.The rated voltage that before using, should check the power source voltage of use place and cleaner indicate is consistent

2. If cleaner contains ground wire, should receive on reuse.

3. Before using ought to the older dirty other people, scrip eliminate in the place that be swept, lest work when by jam inside inspiratory canal air inlet or dirt road, make cleaner cannot work normally.

4. General cleaner doing type does not allow to absorb damp clay or foul water, lest damage electric machinery.

5. Suck spit implement do not be in work for long continuously condition, do not exceed 2 hours commonly, affect service life otherwise.

6. When using once send existing eyewinker to stem straw, should instantly disuse. Wait for add of cleared eyewinker succeed to use, meet otherwise burn down electric machinery.

7. The lay aside grey box of cleaner (or bag of lay aside dirt) often should clear, reduce aspiration efficiency otherwise.

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