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Use humidifier notes humidity level

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Too low temperature can injure the skin, cause breathing sex disease, make the person feels dry and terribly thirsty. Exorbitant humidity also affects the moisture equilibrium of human body and environment likewise, make the person feels oppressed and afflictive. Humidity produces the also has advantages and disadvantages surely branch with all sorts of material to industry and agriculture. Choosing what optimal humidity makes to accord with scientific import so is very important.   

Classics experiment determines, the optimal humidity in all sorts of places is as follows: Bedroom environment is 40 - 70 % RH, most benefit is at preventing ill, curative temperature 40 - 55 % RH, computer room of computer, communication is 45 - 60 % RH, inside the casino such as ballroom, bar (have central air conditioning) for 40 - 65 % RH... prove through a large number of experiments: 40 - 50 % RH is people sense optimum, most benefit Yu Jiankang, also be the standard humidity that eliminates electrostatic protection machine. Be opposite as people of standard humidity deepen acknowledge, capital common people is more captious also on the choice of humidifier. Compare integratedly what carry function, quality, price, yadoujia is wet implement show itself in congener product. Because this product in successive years wins award of bridge of national quality gold,this is not just, it is the old brand name in humidifier is tasted, because Yadoujia is wet,the mainest is implement all use technology of patent of automatic constant wet pilot. Its secret depends on: Leave factory the product already all was in humidity standard archives. Become only indoor humidity under 50 % when, the machine just can be started add wet, this limits reduces prep above mist capacity comes stop to add wet. Because this uses this product,can make basic stability is in humidity 40 - 50 % limits.

"Going too far as bad as not going far enough " , and automatic constant wet technology helped people master in adding wet process " degree " the problem is automatic constant wet technology also consolidated inferior company the chief position in humidifier market.

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