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Whether does frequency conversion air conditioning suit you

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One, actor of frequency conversion air conditioning is in

Traditional air conditioning implement say to decide frequency air conditioning again. Frequency conversion air conditioning changes the power supply frequency of compressor through transducer, power supply frequency is taller, of compressor turn this is faster, air conditioning refrigeration (hot) the amount is larger: Conversely small.

Because frequency conversion air conditioning used new frequency control technology, those who make had a lot of distinct advantages:

1, drop in temperature rate is rapid, efficient and energy-saving. After air conditioning is started, run with taller frequency and power investment, inside shorter time (the 1 / that is the air conditioning that decide frequency commonly 2) reach set temperature, next air conditioning runs with inferior frequency, maintain the temperature of indoor set. Because frequency conversion air conditioning is long in be in low speed to move, report of cause bad news is lesser, can move section report than ordinary air 30 % above. Because realized yuan of degree timing, the refrigeration that can get used to larger area (hot) demand. When winter is used at warming oneself, as a result of " heat is cold than " bigger (1. 3 above) , can maintain larger heating capacity.

2, noise low, difference in temperature small, intimacy is strong. Because frequency conversion air conditioning used compressor of advanced double rotor frequency conversion, movement is smoother, and work to fall in condition of movement of successive low speed from beginning to end, the frequency confused that avoided common air conditioning leaves stop noise, noise is very consequently low, indoor can be under double decibel (national level is 48 decibel) . Frequency conversion air conditioning uses intelligence to change faintness to control a technology, can keep indoor write down degree of groove that is in set to be worth fluctuation from beginning to end, room temperature wave motion is very consequently small, keep relatively constant (span + 0. 5 ℃ ) , make the person has intimacy more.

3, ultralow temperature ultralow pressure runs, service life is long. Frequency conversion air conditioning makes hot movement in winter when, use commonly heat beforehand means, although be in,also can start normally below 10 ℃ condition move. Air conditioning of frequency conversion type can be in city report 16 bend over - work normally inside the limits of 242 bend over, fluctuant to electric wind comfortable stress is very consequently strong. Before be like if narrate, because air conditioning of frequency conversion type avoided to relapse to stop, and long-term job falls in low speed moving condition, compressor service life is consequently longer.

4, the automatic defrost, automatic defrost that dehumidify occupies frequency conversion air conditioning is to use microprocessor to control fashion, can choose defrost status strictly. Dehumidify also is to use microprocessor control, do not drop in temperature dehumidify, dehumidify quantity can amount to 9 kilograms of above everyday, no less than special dehumidify machine.
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