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The note of use washing machine

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The coin in the bag is being taken out before 1 , catharsis, sundry, the clothes that has metallic button should buckle metallic button on, retroflexion the dress, wash clothes in the good thing attaint such as the metal in catharsis process in case bucket and impeller.

2, the temperature of catharsis water is unfavorable and exorbitant, general with 40 ℃ advisable, highest also should not exceed 60 ℃ (except of washing machine of disinfection of high temperature rolling a bucket) , lest be ironed bad,wash clothes bucket or cause plastic ageing.

3, every time after catharsis ends, need to wipe the seeper of washing machine inside and outside and water with dry cloth, get on operation face plate everywhere extensive of knob, key-press recovers from an illness, put park dry and ventilated place.

4, alkali, benzine, rare makings and bristle are not used when brushing washing machine brush.

5, the impeller main shaft of some washing machine is covered on set oil filler point, 3 two months can use every other sauce boat pours a few engine oil to oily Kong Jia.

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