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Use correctly what electric heat oil lows with safeguard

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Electric heat oil lows warm oneself implement send hot area with its big, can raise indoor temperature effectively and be welcomed generally. But this kind warms oneself implement the principle that send heat and electric control and other type warm oneself implement different, the person that use first so must read a manual carefully first, master correct, safe use method.

One, use correctly lukewarm accuse implement

Electric heat oil lows warm oneself implement not lukewarm accuse implement, make warm oneself implement housing surface temperature can adjust at will (120 ℃ is the following) . When regular job, lukewarm accuse implement not from beginning to end setting is in highest grade, warm oneself otherwise implement when exterior work temperature is close to 120 ℃ , lukewarm accuse implement not easy movement, long high temperature job makes in-house parts of an apparatus burns caustic ageing or protection to be destroyed easily. So, the first time oil of use electric heat lows warm oneself implement when should will lukewarm accuse implement setting is in a proper place.

When adjusting, first will lukewarm accuse implement knob clockwise rotates gently the largest position, open switch of two archives power, overall at condition of the biggest output, heat warm up about 5 minutes, flap gently with the back of hand housing upside surface, if feel temperature is appropriate, rotate knob counterclockwise gently, until have ringing contact flick reputation, at the same time the power source indicator light on power switch goes out, next again the clockwise turns gently very small angle, do not make contact closes. Such setting ends, warm oneself implement the temperature that can provide people satisfaction. Housing surface is small the temperature when ironing about 85 ℃ . Warm oneself implement temperature of setting of case temperature prep above, lukewarm accuse implement can automatic dump stops to heat, the quantity of heat that interior puts continues to be released outwards. Exterior temperature drops when 15 ℃ , lukewarm accuse implement contact can close automatically, electrify heats warm up, when temperature of setting of case temperature prep above, cut off the power automatically again stop to heat. Such go round and round, temperature judge calm.

2, right choice uses power switch

Electric heat oil lows warm oneself implement use shade of two groups of sealed report to heat the canal serves as calorific component, two groups heat two select switch that provide correspondence to have two class. Warm oneself commonly on the market at present implement mix for 1500 W surely 2000 W two kinds. Online road allows a condition to fall, choose power archives correctly can section report, reduce line negative charge. Begin to open warm oneself implement or when indoor temperature is inferior, open two file at the same time select switch, warm oneself implement warm up quickly, after temperature of housing outside work arrives at setting temperature to nod, lukewarm accuse implement automatic dump, should choose 1 archives or the power of 2 archives right now. When lukewarm accuse implement when restoration electrify, heat with inferior power, raise indoor temperature gradually.
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