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The choose and buy of phone wants a place

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One, the licence joining a network that should see phone whether department of government affairs of telecommunication of classics Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is approved above all date, whether to and should see term of validity already pass. Those who want an attention is, original approval joins a network, be cancelled again later the type of the net, unfavorable choose and buy.

2, quality of phone exterior craft makes an on-the-spot investigation: Housing is plastic and outside bright and clean, without be out of shape. Put on the desktop to answer smooth, originally closely, take off without the pine; Forked reed and each pushbutton yuan phenomenon blocking sluggish, indication function clarity is accurate. Each function and manual conform to.

3, audio examination: Phone puts through after exterior line, ring is resonant, send reach reception sound clarity, without lack fidelity, cacophony.

4, the functional model that chooses phone according to his real need. Be not a function to had been jumped over more more, inapplicable function is real it is a kind of waste. The phone with various function, use a contact to go to relatively troublesome, price nature is more expensive also. Commonly used at ordinary times function has: Frequency of W of arteries and veins dials means is compatible, final of telephone number dial again, time-out, avoid carry, shut sound etc, according to these functions and oneself real need considers to buy type.

5, the attention tries stethoscope handle, whether to use cozily conveniently. People uses a phone basically is operation earphone, its shell is beautiful be on one hand, more important is the design that sees stethoscope good.

6, whether is the colour that notices phone, modelling coordinated with the environment. The word engine with beautiful, flowery color puts model the place with proper park, often can give a person the enjoyment with the United States. Want when the choose and buy mature the position that will set, and environmental form a complete set is harmonious, make phone is contemporary communication tool not only, and the effect that can have to decorate beautification environment. Of word number unplug again, time-out, hare is carried, long-distance lock, ring is adjustable, shut sound etc. According to these functions and oneself at ordinary times real need, the consideration buys type.

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