Lengthen the method of television life

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The life of 1 , television and picture tube relationship are the closest. Picture tube is tectonic and complex, the price is high, because this is first protection object.

When be used daily, should notice not to make picture tube suffers shake, cannot touch, bump. Be when television job or just closed cannot use when machine wet cold cloth wipes picture tube, the liquid drop that cannot let cold water and so on more arrives on picture tube, because this can cause picture tube so,explode.

2, watch program Shi Reneng to use low brightness, the electronic amount that can make cathode blasts off is in unit time is a few less, be helpful for preventing picture tube premature ageing attaint. The area with flabby voltage, had better deserve to go up stabilized voltage device, can avoid voltage so flabby cause cathode toxic ageing and voltage are exorbitant quicken cathode ageing.

3, frequent switch machine, very adverse to component of electron of picture tube etc. Because of what switch on the mobile phone every time the instant can produce surge pulse tension, can quicken picture tube ageing. So, if watch the word that midway suspension requires when the program, can adopt move brightness and voice small way, when watching, increase again.

4, after the television puts the position to decide had better not often move, do not want optional move when watching a program especially, because allow filament of easy attaint picture tube so. Additional, should not be all round the television place the radio, recorder, sound box article that has strong magnetic field, unfavorable also place warm oneself implement etc medicinal powder hot sex electric equipment, they can affect a television to come loose hot.

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