How clean television

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When the crust of the television is clean, unplug power source outlet first below, dump, wipe with soft cloth, do not use benzine, dissolvent or housing of any chemical reagents cleanness. After can adding the on 3 scour agitate to 5 milliliter with 40 degrees hot water, undertake wiping. The dazzled plate of the television enrols ash easily, should often clean, usable and special cleaner and clean soft cloth group are wiped, it can be cleared the hand finger mark on the screen. Besmirch and bilge dip in with tampon take magnetic head to clean fluid to wipe, must wipe finally. After the interior of the television is using period of time, can accumulate dust of Man Houhou, produce an effect to the service life of the television, so, the interior of the television wants annual and clean. Before cleanness first dump half hours, open the rear cover of the television again, with hair dryer dirt retention aspiration, use next dip in to swab circuit board without the tampon of watery wine essence, with circuitry of interior of dry cloth round graze, blow with hair dryer next dry. When working completely, the television cannot be used.

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