Why should alexipharmic cupboard divide high temperature and ozone disinfection

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The alexipharmic cupboard that represents with Kang Baowei uses high temperature of far infrared ray and ozone commonly method of two kinds of disinfection. The characteristic that far infrared ray heats is, content physical ability draws heat energy adequately, increase thermal efficiency tall, the 125 Celsius high temperature that consumes antiseptic place to need can be reached inside short time. The characteristic that ozone disinfects is to use high-pressured discharge or ultraviolet ray air ionization of medium oxygen element O2 becomes ozone element O3, recycle O3 is reductive the nucleic acid material that destroys a bacterium into the strong oxidation when O2 will kill a bacterium. Above disinfects a method two kinds to agree with different tableware: High temperature agrees with the tableware such as enamel, china, stainless steel; Ozone agrees with dinner service of market of plastic, glass.

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