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Global mobile phone makes type GSM, CDMA, 3G be compared simply

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Current, type of global hand mechanism basically includes GSM, CDMA, 3G 3 kinds, world of mobile phone ask oneself up to now, experienced generation imitate to make type mobile telephone (1G) , the digital mobile phone such as the 2nd acting GSM, TDMA (2G) , CDMA of technology of the 2.5th acting mobile and 3G of technology of the 3rd acting mobile.

GSM, CDMA and 3G compare:

System of GSM number mobile is by operation of European main telecommunication person the standardization committee that forms with manufactory home is designed, it is develop on the foundation of beehive system and become. Include a few frequency such as GSM900MHz, GSM1800MHz and GSM1900MHz paragraph. GSM system has a few important characteristics: Capacity of beautiful of ability of beat of guard against theft, network big, number is resourceful, communicate clear, stability suffers delicacy of interference, information not easily by force, communicate blind angle wait by power consumption of little, mobile phone.

The English abbreviate that CDMA is the location that pile up cent (Code Division Multiple Access) , it is the branch in digital technology - - a kind of when the development on technology of enlarge frequency communication rises brand-new and mature wireless communication technology. It can satisfy the market high demand to mobile capacity and character, have spectrum utilization rate quality of tall, one's voice in speech is good, confidential quality the strong, rate that drop a word radiate of low, electromagnetism small, size is large, enclothe wide wait for a characteristic, a large number of OK reducing that invest and reduce operation cost.

3G is technology of the 3rd acting mobile, be next generation mobile systems is appellative. 3G system devotes oneself to to provide better speech, text and data service for the user. Be compared with existing technical photograph and character, the main good point of 3G technology is can increase systematic size greatly, raise communication quality and data to transmit rate. In addition use between different network without seam roam technology, can rise wireless communication system and Internet join, can provide the service with more high-quality more to mobile terminal user thereby.

CDMA mobile phone and photograph of GSM mobile phone are compared, CDMA mobile phone has the following advantage: CDMA mobile phone used advanced switch technology: Soft switch technology (namely switch is) is interrupted again after continue is good first, make of CDMA mobile phone communicate can rival with fixed phone; Use CDMA network, the investment of operation business decreases relatively, this reduces obligate with respect to what for CDMA mobile phone endowment expends space; Because use means of communication of a kind of modulation that is a foundation with develop frequency communication and much location, its capacity is 10 times higher than imitate technology, exceed GSM network to make an appointment with 4 times; The CDMA that is based on broadband technology makes mobile medium video application becomes a possibility, multimedia of broadband of the trend in making the mobile phone serves from what can call only and send the stricture such as short information thereby applies.

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