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CDMA mobile phone uses general knowledge

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Does CDMA mobile phone communicate does time show before receiving electrify sentence?

The mobile phone is being done advocate when crying, communicate after time shows, cross sound of ability occurrence ringing for some time, this and GSM mobile phone are received from the other side after listening, begin to time different.


Communicate the indication of time begins to contact call to begin from mobile phone and network, should show the method also is the convention of CDMA mobile phone. Of course, this kinds communicate the indication means of time won't affect a telephone bill, the plan cost of the network is from communicate put through begin. Current, almost all CDMA mobile phone all has this appearance.
Does function of alarm clock of CDMA mobile phone close cannot come true when machine?
Because the systematic clock of CDMA mobile phone is extracted from inside CDMA network, mobile phone itself does not have independent clock circuit, it is so after hand mechanism machine, mobile phone and network sever connection, the mobile phone will time without clock, so alarm clock cannot come true.
When CDMA mobile phone inserts charger to charge switch on the mobile phone automatically

Differ with GSM mobile phone,
CDMA mobile phone is designed when the design for, the mobile phone is in when diagnosing charger to insert, can switch on the mobile phone automatically. At present almost all CDMA mobile phone all uses this means, if want to shorten,charge time, can close when charge machine undertake charging.

The setting of time of CDMA mobile phone
CDMA mobile phone does not need to set time.

Because the time in CDMA mobile phone is drawn from inside CDMA network, this time is GPS (global location system) systematic time, very accurate. The user need not worry about problem of inaccurate of mobile phone time at all.

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