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Little well-informed common sense

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1, which company production is the small well-informed small well-informed device that uses at present?
Small well-informed and portable phone is wireless accepting a system is the product that company of American UT Si Dakang rolls out.
2, which a few kinds of type does small well-informed mobile phone have at present?
Type of small well-informed mobile phone has 6 kinds, namely UTS700-X, UTS702-F, UTS702-S331, TUS708-J, UTS708-SY, UTS700-J21. What can offer at present is UTS708-J, UTS702-S331, UTS702-A.
3, is small well-informed mobile phone used why to plant batteries? When batteries charges, need to note those problems?
The cell that small well-informed mobile phone uses is lithium battery, did not remember a gender, can charge at any time. But the service life to lengthen batteries, best every time after report is gone, charge 10-14 hour, give batteries enough n, when using exhaust n basically, this kind have the law fill discharge to be able to prolong battery service life (note: Tell in the manual fill 5 hours of or so red light to change green light can be used do not be equal to mobile phone n enough already, green light is bright show charger adversary machine begins to be filled slow, charging current decreases along with time) . Because this client does not think,fill electric lamp to become green enough. When charging, close as far as possible machine charge, easy attaint mobile phone is held when voltage is flabby otherwise.
4, can be outfit earphone added on small well-informed mobile phone?
The 702-S331 in the small well-informed mobile telephone that offers at present, 708 - J, 708-SY stay have earphone socket, the client can match earphone additionally to communicate. If portable phone mobile phone wants to use earphone to communicate, the earphone that should buy the mobile phone of commonly used common mobile telephone on the market to use only can be used.
6, is small well-informed mobile phone dropped how to do into water?
If small well-informed mobile phone drops water carelessly in, answer to shut power source instantly, take out battery, wipe maintenance division of telegraphic postal service hall of dry evacuation place to handle with soft cloth. If batteries does not have a horse to go up to be taken out or did not hand in maintenance division processing in time, cause collect very easily to become a contact to corrode, cause a mobile phone to discard as useless even.
7, how to identify small all sorts of well-informed signal sound?
The signal news that hears on small well-informed mobile phone basically has the following kinds: Answer bell sound, " toot, toot is heard on the mobile phone. . . . . . .. Mu second of? of cangue of ㄔ of idle  Deng, stop 4 seconds) , state dialed telephone already put through, ringing: Busy tone, " is heard on the mobile phone " of toot, toot, toot is successive short sound, the telephone call that shows the other side busy, cannot put through temporarily; Embrace plosive, " toot, toot is heard on the mobile phone. . . . . . .. Mu second of?.7 of cangue of peach Deng ㄔ , removed 0.7 seconds) , resemble busy tone a bit, but the sound that compares busy tone should grow, because congest of line of machine of some kind of reason is illogical,show programmed control switching equipment; Blind area sound, the short news of " of " Di, Di, Di is heard on the mobile phone, state the mobile phone is absent base station signal covers an area inside.
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