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CDMA serves the introduction basically

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Main speech serves

By facilities of CDMA base network (BSS, MSS) offers directly it is intermediary business with one's voice in speech. It includes business of this locality speech, long-distance business, roam business.

Business of speech of 1. this locality
Net of new spatio-temporal CDMA can be UniCom you offer acoustic quality clarity, drop short-spoken speech to communicate service. Let you experience at any time and place comfortable communication fun.

2. long-distance business
It is OK to buy CDMA mobile phone to home and abroad from this locality the wired phone of any areas and radiophone dial a long distance call, connect word acoustic quality and general wired report say a few parting words not to have 2 different, make you follow one's inclinations maintain with any friends at any time connection.

3. roams service
Net of new spatio-temporal CDMA opens UniCom to enclothe the city of 300 many ground of 31 province, municipalities of countrywide that include Tibet inside, municipality directly under the Central Government, area of scene of the main traffic artery that reachs the whole nation in area of commercial public place of entertainment of the city, business affairs, travel is formed good enclothe, let communicate those who enter freedom not to have hindering state.

IP phone

IP telephone business is to point to in include Internet, Intranet and the other IP networks that are based on IP agreement to go up to convey through TCP/IP agreement real time the communication business of speech message. You can dial business of use IP long distance call through CDMA mobile phone, save your long-distance telephone bill greatly thereby.

International roams service

Chinese UniCom is the minority on the world at present with fortune battalion CDMA and GSM one of companies of the two large networks that make type, the international that can offer GSM network to cannot realize the vagile Korea, Japan, Mexico country that uses CDMA to make type and area roams service. Mobile phone of GSM/CDMA double standard will be rolled out very quickly, at the appointed time, have the Chinese UniCom of two networks at the same time, will more it is OK to show the characteristic that the whole world roams and advantage.

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