Teach you to buy stage ace machine

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One, brand:
Manufacturer of world-renowned large and professional communication already built manufacturing base in China mostly at present, set large maintenance center. Its produce quality quantity and after service to have safeguard relatively.

2, function:
More practical to average consumer is function of breath of Chinese short message, it can be used will mobile phone and Chinese the machine that show BP closes 2 for one, although the mobile phone closes machine or exceed service division to also do not omit information.

3, the label that join a network:
Before the country stipulates all mobile phones are entering net, sale, must detect strictly via what former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications concerns an orgnaization, just issue a net ticket. And it is exclusive that label of every mobile phone forms serial number, the number of the card that enter wind of every model mobile phone is not same also. The market is at present sham the label that join a network is flush, only normal channel place buys mobile phone quality just but * .

4, mobile phone configuration:
Whether does the box of examination mobile phone that pack have Chinese label, presswork elegant; Whether to have certificate of approval of manual of former plant Chinese, former plant; Former outfit batteries, fast charger, charge etc whether all ready, whether does power source outlet accord with our country to make type.

5, batteries:
Former plant is high-grade value of mobile phone batteries is higher, and sham batteries price is not worth 100 yuan. The batteries that use a holiday charges to cause explosion possibly forcibly.

6, the maintenance after carry out serves:
Maintenance mobile phone must have a mobile phone integrated instrument, former plant is special spare parts of software interface former plant, must check carefully whether to offer a year to guarantee by former plant or center of maintenance of its accredit engage by special arrangement, the service of lifelong maintenance.

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