What is 3G communication

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Now " 3G corresponds " be about to become the pet phrase on people mouth, so do you know what is 3G communication after all? Alleged 3G, actually its full name is 3rd Generation, chinese meaning shows word of the 3rd algebra corresponds namely. The mobile phone of generation number that came out 1995 can undertake speech communicate only; And the function that the mobile phones of 1996 word of the 2nd algebra that appear to 1997 increased to receive data, if accept email or webpage; The 3rd generation and the main distinction of before two generation are the promotion on the speed of transmission sound and data, it can treat a variety of media forms such as image, music, video shedding, offer include a webpage to browse, a variety of information such as business affairs of telephone conference, electron serve. Make type mobile telephone relative to generation imitate (1G) and the digital mobile phone such as the 2nd acting GSM, TDMA (2G) , the name that 3G corresponds is various, regulation of international report couplet is " IMT-2000 " (standard of 2000) of international mobile telephone, telegraphic estate magnates of Europe call his " UMTS " general mobile system. This standard sets, when mobile terminal moves with speed, its pass revolution to be 144kbps according to rate, outdoor dormant or the rate when walking is 384kbps, and indoor for 2Mbps. But these ask and do not mean an user to be able to use rate to be able to achieve 2Mbps, because indoor rate still will rely on the close together degree of the detailed frequency program inside the building and organization and operation business efforts.

International Telecommunication Union (the 3 big main trends that ITU) determines to 3G corresponds are wireless interface standard is W-CDMA(respectively broadband cent code is multiple access) , cent answer uses many carrier wave of CDMA2000(enlarge frequency modulation) with TDS-CDMA(time synchronism the code divides location to receive) . Among them W-CDMA standard is main of traceable Europe and Japan inchoate activity of the 3rd acting wireless research, this system is on existing GSM network undertake use, OK to systematic provider relatively transfer easily, the main proponent of this standard has Europe, Japan, Korea. By last year, the platform of the 3rd acting business that branch of AT&T mobile business also announces to choose WCDMA to be his. CDMA2000 system basically opens North America company high to put forward for dominant by the United States, its construction cost compares inferior cheap relatively, main proponent includes Japan, Korea and the area such as North America and country. TD-SCDMA standard is be put forward by Chinese first time and in this wireless transmission technology (cooperate with international on the foundation of RTT) , achieved TD-SCDMA level, a when make CDMA TDD standard, this is pioneering work of Chinese mobile bound, also be the contribution that China develops to the 3rd acting mobile. In the competition of the 3G level that raises severally with Europe, United States, the TD-SCDMA that China puts forward makes one of global 3G standards formally already, this mark is worn China has entered the world to precede in mobile domain.
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