Is 3G hand opportunity what kind of? Numerous function collect at one machine

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To 3 G mobile phone, what can we expect? According to " Beijing is referenced " introduce:

Mobile phone by redefine

In the impression of people, the mobile phone is a calling tool. Arrived 3 G times, to consumer, just call no longer with the mobile phone so simple. The manufacturer is in the definition of pair of 3 G mobile phones, added more function element, for instance, nuojiya is fixed position of 3 G mobile phone the core of solution of mobile business affairs, motolora inspects 3 G mobile phone to be " without seam connection " carrier, suo Aize hopes 3 G mobile phone makes multimedia intelligence terminal, and LG electron gives 3 G mobile phone the fixed position with wider extensive -- terminal of new generation information. These are integrated more muti_function 3 G mobile phone besides bringing consumer more applied experiences, still will give terminal manufacturer and operation business to bring rich and generous profit.

Numerous function collect at one machine

High end takes a picture the mobile phone is about to replace low end digital camera. In 3 G times, this one situation will grow in intensity. The mainstream 2004 is 1 million resemble element, 2005 is 2 million resemble element, samSung already was rolled out 5 million those who resemble element take a picture mobile phone. Although illuminate a mobile phone to return in detail arsis currently,cannot contend with photograph of professional number camera, but enough surmounts a few low end digital camera.

Business of 3 G video included mobile video business, video to share wait for business with picturephone. Mobile video business can assure an user at any time the video of dibble seeding high definition and frequency program, the rate of progress planned speed that can control dibble seeding at any time is returned in the process of dibble seeding. And still can pass 3 G mobile phone to dial picturephone toward fixed phone, also can hit picturephone to the PC terminal that receives Internet through the broadband at the same time, complete implementation " without seam " join.

3 G mobile phone can be replaced probably " TV " . News broadcast began, drive come home not as good as how to look to do? Sure, look on the mobile phone. This one problem will become in 3 G times not needing the slightest effort. 3 G mobile phone after television of this one afterwards, computer " the 3rd screen " was expressed great expectations. Type of specific solid reveal one's true features included the place inside the mobile phone network of telecommunication of business of wireless tuner, operation and satellitic TV 3 kinds of mode. Korea SK telecommunication already was in official business used Korea business of TV of satellitic DMB mobile phone -- , use satellite and mobile network to convey to the public video and business of broadcast of multimedia of number of frequency section purpose, the user needs to pay not to exceed 1 . Money of 30 thousand Han (100 yuan of RMBs) lunar cost, can enjoy TV program of fluent mobile phone satellite.
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