The basic common sense of GSM mobile phone

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The confidential sex of GSM mobile phone greatly mobile phone of prep above imitate, and type rich and colorful, have the whole world to roam function. Already made the first selection of broad user now.

Use GSM mobile phone should note the following drop:
GSM mobile phone eliminates chance having a lock card still can be locked up outside the function, lock up what forgot the password can adopt all sorts of model after machine to decode implement solve a problem. But if locked up PIN code,lock up card namely, because the ego of GSM-SIM card protects a function, after be defeated by wrong PIN 3 times to pile up, the mobile phone asks to input PUK to pile up, be defeated by a fault 10 times again PUK code. SO SORRY your card OVER. Right now love establishs a letter 388 will show SIM CARD BLACKED, the G500 below the pine will show SIM ERORR to wait express SIM already " burned-out " . Avoid by all means of GSM mobile phone is used beside the phone of use programmed control that is in, because interference is very big between GSM mobile phone and programmed control phone, down to both sides listens not clear.

Safeguard reach maintain  

The proposal below helps you abide by maintain clause, make the mobile phone can use a lot of years. Use mobile phone, batteries, when charger or fittings:

Put mobile phone and its component and fittings in the child to feel the place that be less than.
Hold a mobile phone dry. Rainwater, damp and liquid are contained mineral, can corrode electronic circuit board.
Do not be in have dirt or deposit a mobile phone, may destroy its dismountable part.
Do not deposit the mobile phone the place in overheat. High temperature can shorten the life of electronic parts, destroy cell, make some plastic the component is out of shape or fuse.
Do not deposit the mobile phone the place in super-cooling. When mobile phone temperature is elevatory, the meeting inside the mobile phone forms humidity, can destroy circuit board.
Do not try to ravel mobile phone. The place of non-professional adversary machine pays attention to attaint mobile phone.
Do not throw put, beat or oscillatory mobile phone. Gruffly treats hand opportunity to destroy in-house circuit board.
Do not use spirited and chemical product, clean an agent, or strong scour cleans a mobile phone. Be like a mobile phone or its any components cannot work normally, take its recent qualification to maintain an orgnaization.

What is the note of use GSM mobile phone?

Aboard uses a mobile telephone to may disturb plane communication network, endanger plane security, shut a mobile phone before board the plane please. Reach in gas station, chemical plant, oil depot blow up place, shut a mobile phone please. When use mobile phone, do not be close to individual pacemaker, acousticon. Driving in road, use a mobile phone carefully please, lest affect traffic safety. Protective mobile phone spares violent insolation, drench. Installation of do sth without authorization does not accord with standard antenna or alter aerial, contain attaint mobile phone, affect the operation efficiency of the mobile phone badly.
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