Life Xiaochang knows virus of sweeping small well-informed mobile phone

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1) shut chaos to pile up a phone. When the phone of the other side is called, show on original screen should be incoming telegram telephone number, but show other model of written characters or bizarre sign however. If encounter afore-mentioned situations, small well-informed user should not grant to reply or shut the phone instantly. If receive,hear an incoming message, meet this kind of virus on infection, be the same as all new names inside the opportunity and set to will be destroyed.

(2) reduce download message. Carry message less up and down from the net, because virus wants to invade, want to destroy the protection system of short message of small well-informed mobile phone first, had entered complex encode order, convey on network of going from place to place again, not be so easy. As the advent of 3G times, mobile phone more incline to at a small-sized computer, computer virus can have mobile phone virus, this asks people carries a file to want caution up and down in computer.

(3) do not read virus news. The exists possibly virus in wanting to notice the short message ceases at ordinary times. Short information is sent and receive more and more a when become mobile important way, and a short information also is virus of infection mobile phone important way. The development with small clever at present poisonous common fault already from preclinical transfer to destroy period. Once mobile phone user receives the short information that contains virus, mobile phone clavier can appear to be locked up after reading, malign virus destroys a mobile phone to get stuck even.

(4) undertake checking killing virus. Cope with mobile phone virus to have two kinds of idea at present: It is to pass machine of wireless website adversary to undertake reducing toxin; The 2 IC that are a handle machine receive the entry or infra-red transmission mouth undertakes reducing toxin. Should choose lucky star to wait check the high-grade software that kills virus near future to upgrade to reduce toxin thoroughly, and should be accomplished reduce toxin regularly at ordinary times, so that kill mobile phone virus,be in budding in.

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