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IP telephone technology introduces

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IP is current and popular technology. With a batch of new expressions of this photograph correlation, fax of phone of exchange of the network that be like IP, IP, IP, IP is waited a moment, also appear in succession. So, what is IP?

IP is the abbreviate of English Internet Protocol, means " the agreement that interrelates between the network " , the agreement that for computer network mutual join has communication and designs namely. In Internet, it is to be able to make join all computer network to the net implements a regulation of mutual communication, set the regulation that the computer has ought to be abided by when communication on Internet. The interconnected system of computer science department that any manufacturer produce, should abide by IP agreement to be able to interrelate with Internet only each other is connected. Because had IP agreement,be, internet just is able to develop quickly become the biggest on the world, open computer communication network. Accordingly, IP agreement also can be called " Internet agreement " .

How does implementation network interrelate IP? The network system that each manufacturer produce and equipment, like aether net, exchange a net to wait in group, they mutual between cannot each other is connected, cannot because what they convey,the main reason that each other understands is the main unit of data (say on the technology for " frame " ) the pattern is different. IP agreement is a consultative software that comprises by software program actually, it all sorts of differring " frame " unified changeover is become " IP datagram " format, this kind of changeover is a of Internet the most important characteristic, make all all sorts of computers can be connected in each other of the implementation on Internet, have namely " open sex " characteristic.

So, "Datagram " what be? What characteristic does it have again? Datagram also is a kind of form that exchanges in group, the data section that conveys place namely is hit into " bag " , again deferent go out. But, with the tradition " join " exchange in group different, it is belonged to " without join model " , be what hit every " bag " (in group) serve as " independent message " deferent go out, be called so " datagram " . Such, do not need to had joined first before beginning communication a circuit, each datagram are not passed certainly same method is transmitted, be called so " without join model " . This one characteristic is very important, it enhanced the consistence of the network and security greatly.

Every datagram has masthead and message these two parts, in masthead purposeful letterhead is necessary content, make every datagram does not reach destination well and truly through same way. In destination reset reductive into the data that transmits so. This is about IP is had bale in group and the function that gather assembles.

In actual deferent process, datagram can set according to what passing a network even in group the length that bulk will come change datagram, the biggest length of IP datagram can amount to 65535 byte.

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