NO.7 letter makes

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NO.7 believes your system is one kind internationally the general and public letter of standardization makes system,

Its are basic the characteristic is:

1, suit to transmit the integrated number network that equipment place forms by switching equipment of digital programmed control and number most
2, can contented mix now control of deferent in the future call, remote control, safeguard administrative letter to make reach processor between thing
Wu handles the demand of information
3, the letter makes convey quite but * .
NO.7 date letter makes can satisfy a variety of requirements of a variety of communication business, what apply currently is main have:
1, the telephone network between bureau and bureau corresponds.
2, the data network between bureau and bureau corresponds.
3, between bureau and bureau net of integrated business figure. (For example: ISDN PRI)
4, all sorts of information in net of OK and deferent mobile.
5, support the intelligent professional work of all sorts of types.

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