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ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) Chinese name is net of integrated business figure, common is called " a gleam of is connected " . At present telephone network is exchanged and relay basically had realized digitlization, namely between telephone exchange and telephone exchange from transmitted exchange to realize digitlization entirely, but remain simulative to the user from telephone exchange, offer to the user still be a phone only this one simple professional work. The implementation of net of integrated business figure, make a pair of copper cash still are used between telephone exchange and user, also can accomplish digitlization, provide a variety of professional work to the user, besides unplug outside calling, still can offer TV of conference of communication of such as picturephone, data to wait a variety of business a moment, the number that makes a variety of business such as phone, fax, data, image are in integratedly to unite thereby undertakes transmit and be handlinged in the network.

One, net of integrated business figure has tape and broadband two kinds

Tape is integrated business figure net has basic rate to what the user offers (2B + D, 144Kbps) with primary group rate (30B + D, 2Mbps) two kinds of interface. Basic rate mouth includes the B channel of two can substantive works to use transmission one's voice in speech, data and image commonly, d channel is used transmission letter makes or in group information.

The broadband can provide the communication capability of 155Mbs above to the user, but because the broadband is integrated technology of business figure net is sophisticated, investment is huge, still throw many use unlikely at present, and tape is integrated business figure net is already special and mature, had business completely to use the condition that changes promotion, accordingly, the net of integrated business figure that points to here is tape actually net of integrated business figure.

"A gleam of connects " the advantage that has average telephone call to cannot be likened to:

Integrated communication business: Use an user line, can getting online while unplug call, send and receive a fax, resemble two line same. Through configuring proper terminal unit, you also can realize conference function, shrink the distance between you and family member friend the shortest.

2, the characteristic of ISDN

1 , ISDN is the telegraphic network that can provide a variety of professional work;
2, develop on the foundation of phone IDN and ISDN is become, develop initial stage or give priority to with the phone;
3, the main characteristic of ISDN is the digital join that in the net Neikeshi carries end now because such, this network is had integrated the ability of a variety of business, namely this network is had assume extensive one's voice in speech / the communication ability that is not business of one's voice in speech.
4, the user that the user passes multipurpose of a group of standards / network interface receives a network, this user / the terminal that network interface can get used to different business;
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