XDSL classification

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Introduction XDSL:

In XDSL, "The technology of digital user line that X" is representing different sort. The different point of technologies of all sorts of digital user line, basically behave the transmission rate in signal and distance, still semmetry and unsymmetrical distinction go up.

Main component is DSL technology to be mixed symmetrically asymmetrical two kinds big.

1, symmetrical DSL technology

1)HDSL- - DSL) of High-bit-rate DSL(high speed;

2) SDSL- - Single-line DSL, this is the single-track version of HDSL, it can offer two-way high speed alterable bit leads join, speed limits arrives from 160Kbps 2.084Mbps; .

3) MVL- - Multiple Virtual Line(is much more fictitious) of digital subscribers feeder, the low cost DSL that MVL is Paradyne company development transmits a technology.

4) IDSL(ISDN number subscribers feeder) through ISDN terminal is being used in the client side adapter is mixed as compatible as ISDN interface is used to get stuck in the another end of double skeining thread, this kind of technology can provide the service of 128Kbps.

2, asymmetrical DSL technology

1) ADSL- - Asymmetric DSL(is asymmetrical DSL)

2) RADSL- - rate of Rate Adaptive DSL(gets used to DSL) oneself, the person that accessible for servicing of this kind of technology is offerred adjusts XDSL connective to bandwidth needs actually with suiting and solve a line to grow with quality problem.

3) VDSL- - Very High Data Rate DSL(very subscribers feeder of high speed number)

And among them main technique has HDSL, ADSL, VDSL3 to plant.

Still have the proposal that place of a few companies offers in addition, be like UDSL(Unidirectional DSL) , X2/DSL, application is very few

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