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One avoid price " cheap "   thinks commonly, labour firewood estate because income is finite, the behoove when shopping buys the price in congener commodity inferior. A few businessmen also will a few cheap even antiquated commodity regards labour firewood as estate " first selection " special roll out, actually this is an error. Although there are a lot of contents to exceed the commodity of a value on the market, but if not know the business is only with valence fetch, what buy probably is the commodity with a few qualitative poorer price, use regular meeting to feel regretful.

2 avoid are begged " complete " a lot of people of   make a mistake very easily when buying electric equipment is demand perfection. Think the function of electric equipment has been jumped over more more. Of course " complete " not be evildoing, if your budget is infinite word. But if be on a certain certain price,want demand perfection function, it is impertinent generally speaking.

3 avoid are begged " foreign "   although the industrial foundation of our country and photograph of foreign developed country are apart from certainly than having, some of product is inferior to abroad is a fact. But homebred on a lot of products goods can be the same as foreign goods completely one relatively on any account. When buying home products nevertheless, must buy " home products high-quality goods " , perhaps choose by the person help of know the business, the homebred price of a few a less known and inferior brand may make a person one's mind disturbed, but quality also can make a person sad.

4 avoid are begged " big "   us occasionally very puzzle why some people are right " big " pursuit is so clinging. Buy acoustics for example. Want high-power by all account, euramerican manufacturer thinks every track 50 tile, enough, compatriots must bigger stronger POWER, the result is in the home every time listen respectfully, can make volume only low to cannot again low, wasted power to also waste money.

5 avoid are begged " new " market of   electric equipment is to often roll out new product, they have a few places that make a person one's mind disturbed very much, nevertheless " have a taste of what is just in season " have price for certain, new product because content with rare for expensive, natural advantage high price is high, develop as the market, the price can fall the position that Mom accepts easily, regard labour firewood price as the layer so most a lot of a bit patience, buy when the choice is proper. Additional, electric equipment market admittedly change quickly, but it is so easy that the breakthrough on real skill is done not have however.

6 avoid are begged " beautiful " not be to say to buy electric equipment here not beautiful, and the utility of electric equipment differs with other goods, it does not buy a decoration. If good with the appearance look the decision accepts or reject can take an error.
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