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Shift roams cost reduces month of finite solid word to hire do not cancel inside

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This the mobile phone roams cost is reduced, can not produce essence to affect to operation business, the speech of business of the operation before this on hold court conference, it is nevertheless in make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas. According to calculating, reduce shift to overflow idle fund to expend, mobile to China influence won't exceed 5% , chinese shift is completely capable to offset a loss through the addition of business of one's voice in speech.

In the meantime, roam cost is reduced, the influence that waits for business of firm network operation to Chinese telecommunication is relatively finite also. Country to balance the relation of each operation business, right all the time telecommunication endowment cost implements control policy, namely: The reduces an influence too quickly to go to weak power company main operation that prevents strong company endowment expenses, the reduces pair of fixed phones impact that is like shift endowment cost is striking with each passing day, if mobile company cancels completely to roam,expend, the long distance call of firm network does not have competitive ability basically.

Rent charge of solid word month won't cancel inside year

Rent charge of month of to whether cancelling fixed call (lunar base telephone bill) already discussed old. The result that calculates at present is: If cancel rent charge of solid word month, the net connects Chinese telecommunication and China to be able to enter deficit state immediately. From two companies appear on the market annals also can see clearly, the profit total of current firm network under firm network annual fundamental telephone bill (come greatly for 15-25 yuan / month) , in the meantime, number of firm network user begins occurrence downtrend from 2007.

We think, be in at least 2008, the country won't publish the policy that cancels rent charge of firm network month, and whole business is obtained to manage permissive hind in firm network, just cancel rent charge of firm network month stage by stage likely.

Discharge collects fees mode may be supported

2008, the biggest obstacle that develops new business pattern to telegraphic operation business is concerned Internet collect fees mode. Will tell to telegraphic operation business, next generation communication development are the assorted business that is based on mobile and Internet for certain, namely: Mobile Internet, this is the core of 3G not just, also be quite long inside the development route of communication informatization.

But, telegraphic now company and the means that Internet company cooperates basically are the network rents, internet is appreciation professional work is begun on the base that seldom secures rent charge, and the rapid development of the income of telegraphic company and Internet does not become direct ratio. Then, mobile company puts forward to collect fees by discharge, namely: Collect fees from Internet and netizen body directly. Firm network also is being sought collect fees newly mode.

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