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The letter produces a ministry the village knows a cause this year word of elect

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Understood from MII recently, the village connected MII 2008 the project develops a target already establish, the plan inside year is about 24 thousand 20 above already electrify nature village opens a phone, strive village of natural village of whole nation of the end of the year is connected rate increase a percent, for the whole nation 95% above villages and towns opens a broadband, its middle east, mid province realizes all villages and towns to connect a broadband.

MII deal with concrete matters relating to work advances compose to build harmonious society, as a whole strategy of new rural area of socialism of urban and rural development, construction, the village village that enterprise of 6 foundations telecommunication organized to begin impetus huge since 2004 opens phone project, already accumulative total invests many yuan 300, opened a phone for 20 thousand 75 thousand administrative village, natural villages, word of electrify of entire administrative village comes true in 29 province, make rate of word of administrative village electrify is amounted to 99.5% , villages and towns connects broadband rate to achieve 92% ; Build a service " 3 farming " information serves platform 2000 many, experience farming website 6000 many, positive effect was produced in construction of new rural area.

This year, MII will increase rural information to serve promotion application strength further, drive a village to open a project by " give priority to in order to build " to " build with develop simultaneously " change, development of stimulative country communication and rural informatization construction stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. The village that will continue to carry out natural village opens project project, raise rural call popularity rate and network to enclothe further rate, those who let more people enjoy information to communicate is convenient and quick. Settle remote region stage by stage broad farming the electrify word issue of herdsman, continue to encourage each district to build mining area of forest zone of corps, farm, oil field to wait to did not weave in administrative village the basic unit solves electrify word problem for production.

Building the telephone network, basis that provides professional work of fundamental one's voice in speech to go up for vast rural area, broadband of Internet of further progress country is received, make one class has villages and towns basically Internet gets online accept a condition, 80% above administrative village is had dial online condition, strive the implementation inside year " country country can get online " " 915 " program goal. Pay firm application and service, perfect rural information platform further, accelerate Wu of promotion experience agriculture, strengthen the development application of content of rural characteristic information and applicable technology. Strive to open the news with the economic economy such as hot line of the short message that is aimed at a farmer, Internet, email, speech to serve in net of all this locality inside year. Will active mix jointly with various government concerned experience farming unit, development is aimed at the information content of farmer of country, press close to, provide the application of characteristic information business of formal diversity.

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