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Telecommunication recombines plan to be about to announce short-term inside firm

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The operation data that publishs yesterday from business of 4 big operation (express) in light of, the problem of competitive pattern unbalance of telegraphic market is increasingly aggravating, adumbrative also China telegraphic industry develops large-scale recombining pressing sex. The reporter also is in know 20 days from personage of high level of some mobile operation business, the State Council is standing the conference last week 5 discussed telecommunication to recombine matters concerned, the fastest likelihood is in " two meetings " before announce a result.

If do not give anticipation, before the telecommunication that is about to announce recombines plan to be this rife " 5 close 3 " plan, have 5 operation business namely amalgamative composition is new " China is mobile " , " China is telegraphic " and " Chinese UniCom " 3 companies, chinese net is connected and Chinese iron reduction of fractions to a common denominator does not merge into Chinese UniCom and China are mobile. China of business of operation of another foundation telecommunication is defended merge into Chinese spaceflight.

Recombine pair of effects that have business of 4 big telegraphic operation each different. Short-term inside the greatest benefit person it is firm network company, 1~2 the biggest beneficiary after year is Chinese telecommunication, chinese UniCom next. Before this, uniCom is in because of recombining to anticipate and be maintained all the time higher-priced. The market thinks, uniCom will sell CDMA network grants China is telegraphic, reservation GSM network and net are connected amalgamative begin WCDMA professional work. Once this company changes his appearance, foreground cannot small inspect.

Recombining pair of China telecommunication also will be interest good news. Suffer market unbalance effect, growth of gain level of these two years, outstanding achievement puts Chinese telecommunication in certain difficulty, but the old that regards firm network operation as business, have old user resource and network resource after all, infuse CDMA mobile network is helpful for strengthening the confidence of investor.

Chen Jinren of analyst of China peaceful negotiable securities judges those who recombine the shift in be opposite to go situation not be too hopeful, because in mobile and current development impetus already reached fair peak value, its already amounted to the portion of 90% in increment market. Accordingly, after recombining in mobile estimation will be very difficult the development rate that can keep so tall again.

Business of 4 big operation battalion carried January this year data

Number of user of user of broadband of this locality telephone subscriber

The net is connected - seven hundred and sixty-four thousand three hundred seven hundred and sixty-three thousand three hundred decrease to 110 million

Telegraphic - 1.22 million 620 thousand decrease to 219 million

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