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Whole business manages interest firm network to change telegraphic market unbala

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Carrying out whole business of telegraphic operation business to manage is national hair changes appoint the key job content that reformed about telegraphic system 2008. Want to carry out whole business to manage, the purpose should solve the problem of unbalance of structure of current and telegraphic market namely, extend through giving net of Chinese telecommunication, China to connect whole business license, make business of firm network operation can be in equal below resource condition, with China on increment market shift develops fair competition, change the condition of unbalance of telegraphic market structure thoroughly thereby.

2007, below the influence of market structure unbalance, the main operation of Chinese firm network already showed downtrend, firm network place has some network resource, below the circumstance that does not have whole business license plate, obtain a breakthrough very hard already on increment business again. In fact, chinese telecommunication develops slow core problem is to do not have mobile business license plate, bring about the business that is based on mobile network development in great quantities to cannot be carried out from this.

Can be sure the ground is told, future is based on the data with the bigger occupied bandwidth such as network video to transmit business, still need to build on firm network, and the confluence of mobile net and firm network, will make firm network broadband long-term masty FTTH, can the complement of net of shift of have the aid of, solve last kilometer problem quickly, make be based on the broadband network that firm network and mobile net combination build thereby, the data business domain in high capacity, high speed, stable, high-definition clear, play gives bigger than looking reach uses a network advantage, make the firm network company such as Chinese telecommunication obtains brand-new development space and business content thereby, meet in shorter time internal capital market is mirrorred somewhat, make its share price mirrors a company to go truly truly quickly qualitative.

Will tell to business of firm network operation, after acquiring whole business, the mainest point of growth depends on establishing the data business that body turns to develop. Data shows, below the circumstance that worsens ceaselessly in environment of firm network operation, firm network develops a respect not to lag behind at mobile net in business of blame one's voice in speech, if eliminate is mobile outside net short message and colour bell business, firm network is more than mobile net in the advantage on broadband and data business. Be based on the existing feature that put an amount, we think, after firm network has mobile license plate, can combination and outspread new business perspective are very wide.

OK and preliminary judgement, once company of Chinese firm network has mobile business license plate, strive for letter of many colour bell, colour and short message client from inside Chinese mobile hand likely on one hand, and can have the aid of already some broadband advantages, begin the assorted professional work of phonic video large-scaly between firm network and shift, can pass terminal of pair of traditional solid word transform, make mass data business is in on mobile terminal and solid word terminal in the meantime implementation, join net and family through receiving the join of a variety of video, make the bell of short message, colour, recreation many airspaces that enter a family.

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