Telecommunication pushs " business of " of a double machine is small well-inform

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Yesterday, the reporter learns from Chongqing telecommunication, solid sentence also can be received when to make the citizen goes out, chongqing telecommunication was rolled out " a double machine " service. The user can do business each in telecommunication the site is dealt with, need to be in only small well-informed in insert a piece the card of as same as fixed phone number.

Alleged " a double machine " , what secure a phone to be able to handle a same number namely is small well-informed. He Xiaoling of word of the solid when the incoming telegram is connected will
At the same time diabolo, user but optional receive listen. In addition, he Xiaoling understands the fixed telephone call of the user can dial freely each other; Additional, two machine child can dial outwards at the same time respectively, each other noninterference.

It is reported, "A double machine " business function cost is 10 yuan / month, if the citizen already was telegraphic " my Home E " user, receive 5 yuan every months only. a telephone bill, short message is expended or press active standard, pay cost presses a number total telephone bill.

(Zhou Xu of reporter of learn on job)

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