Guangdong is in countrywide head tries sale of telecommunication beautiful date

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Reporter yesterday (4 days) from Guangdong province communication management board learns, guangdong will try to pile up size natural resources in order to auction means allocation. According to divulging, first 12 " beautiful date " will pat in order to make public means contest in the near future, sale income will be total treasury of turn over to the higher authorities.

This also is " natural resources of name of telegraphic net code runs way " after carrying out, telegraphic net allocates to pile up size natural resources with auctioning means first inside countrywide limits.

First pilot pat 12 beautiful date to superintend Bai Gong of department deputy director general to defend the introduction according to saving network of communication management board, this auction is pilot had started, the beautiful signal that emit includes 6 with " 96 " the short number of nob (5 or 6 digit) mix 6 with " 1062 " the SP code of nob (8 digit) .

These two kinds of number basically are used for the enterprise. This also is meant, only enterprise and the contest that the orgnaization just has an opportunity to share these number are patted. He expresses, the fixed phone that is aimed at average user and auction of mobile phone number still are in at present brew and in preparation, execute possibly also next.

He expresses, communication management board is clearing at present the number that concern uses a case, particular sale what number had be notted knock finally calm. According to divulging, "10622222 " code of this SP business already decided vendue, other be like " 96666 " , " 96888 " , " 96999 " if had be notted give off,wait for short number, also do not eliminate to be able to be used at vendue.

This pilot auction will be in number this month or next month undertakes, will end before the bottom in October.

Auction means more show fair basis 2003 of MII formulate " natural resources of name of telegraphic net code runs way " , telecommunication is in charge of sectional allocation to pile up the means of date to be able to have 3 kinds, include to point to match, random selection and auction. Nevertheless, come a few years, the code name of our country allocates is before two kinds of adoption means, and auction means has not been used.

"Auction manner can raise diaphaneity, more open, more fair also. " white Gong Wei thinks, the resource piling up date of our country makes dosage tremendous, had tended at present nervous, itself is rare lack resource, need is given off with more logical way.

As we have learned, the auction of Guangdong is pilot already obtained MII to approbate with support. In the meantime, MII also is in intensify formulate " auction of the resource that pile up date runs way " . According to the regulation, telegraphic operation business is in charge of sectional approval without telecommunication, do not get do sth without authorization to auction user number resource, also must not pick a cost to user collection. Accordingly, auction of the following number will be in charge of sectional operation by telecommunication, or by telegraphic director the branch combines operation enterprise to be operated together.
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