Number of growth of fixed telephone subscriber dives considerably

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The operation data that Chinese telecommunication releases shows, this year July, of this company fixed phone add an user completely only 60 thousand, relatively 210 thousand of June appear bigger glide. Chinese telecommunication secures what telephone subscriber amount increases rate to put delay, mean mobile business to replacing traditional telephone business quickly.

Up to by July, fixed telephone total user adds Chinese telecommunication reach 225 million, the accumulative total of before this year 7 months adds an user to amount to 1.51 million completely. Chinese telecommunication points out, telephone subscriber of before this year 7 every this locality grow completely relatively every are mean monthly last year net growth is low, basically compete because of the market aggravate, because mobile operation business was rolled out,be made communicate freely especially formula.

Not come singly but in pairs, chinese net connects CEO Zun Xun to be born when releasing metaphase outstanding achievement to point out likewise, be expended next mediating that speech communicates to move by mobile phone endowment the concussion that turns a tide, company the word of this locality city first half of the year communicates this year the quantity glided compared to the same period 7.4% . During this, the income that Chinese net connects and net gain all appeared of different level glide. For delay go to the toilet machine endowment expends the pressure of reform, chinese net is connected had rolled out first half of the year will originally word broadband is small well-informed undertake binding " close affection 1 " business. This year first half of the year, chinese net connects solid word user to achieve 115 million, add 1.105 million completely, turned round the aspect that annual user enjoyed growth 2006.

In amount of fixed telephone subscriber slow rise while, user of domestic mobile phone counts the climate that maintaining flying growth however. Data shows, china is mobile this year July add an user newly 5.596 million, prep above 5.526 million June. Up to by July, china's mobile user number was achieved 337 million.

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