25 provinces will lose solid word user in November add slow down of mobile user

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On January 3 message, MII government website announces the basis today " telephone subscriber cent omited a condition in November 2007 " data shows, november 2007, user of countrywide solid word loses growth to save city to continue to spread, appear the province city of negative growth already amounted to 25. In the meantime, amplitude of mobile telephone user also is compared on lunar slow down.

Show according to data, in November 2007, user of word of our country solid amounts to three hundred and sixty-nine million three hundred and seven thousand, mobile telephone user amounts to five hundred and thirty-nine million three hundred and seventy-nine thousand. Among them, inner Mongolia, Hunan, Anhui and user of Beijing solid word and go up comparing of phase of the moon, achieve small growth, number of user of word of solid of Shaanxi, Liaoning keeps constant, and other the negative growth that 25 solid word users that visit town all achieve different rate. With 6 years photograph of the corresponding period is compared, the province city of negative growth increased of one times. And, from will look with the comparison October, still be in show spreading sign.

In the meantime, number of user of our country mobile telephone will be compared in November on the month grows 7.932 million, and will grow 8.132 million than September October, compare from this, growth of user of our country mobile telephone also is in gradually rein in.

University of Beijing post and telecommunications teachs Shu Huaying to once expressed a few days ago, current, the business that gives priority to with speech grows mode to had been in saturated condition, new business point of growth still remains to develop. Our country appeared first 2007 telegraphic job growth increases under GDP. The telegraphic estate market of our country had left high speed to send exhibition period, begin to enter smooth hair exhibition period.

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