Chinese iron connects: Credit card phone leads 20 million potential user

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Recently, chinese iron connects center of credit card of the group limited company, bank that enrol business, Beijing the company announces Yingtaimeidi to start credit card phone formally to serve. Of the innovation that crosses industry collaboration this professional work that the force of collect tripartite makes is domestic telegraphic industry and banking lift, the phone that this will make credit card of the bank that enrol business holds calorie of person to be able to replace a tradition with credit card gets stuck, true implementation " a calorie multi-purpose " . What Chinese Tie Tongcheng serves to roll out this is big win the home, user of credit card of bank of merchant of 20 million action becomes his potential client, the firm network operation that glides ceaselessly to speech business income is provide timely help undoubtedly for business.

Collaboration has powerful and inherent power

Sign according to tripartite " agreement of cooperation of business of credit card telephone " , tripartite plans to be inside countrywide limits, face credit card of all bank that enrol business to hold calorie of person, roll out service of credit card telephone. The core of this service is the phone card that holds calorie of person to be able to use credit card to replace a tradition, long distance call of the home that can enjoy cheap of qualitative actor price in home not only, international serves, still can exceed 50 countries to roam in the whole world use, telephone bill defray is buckled automatically from inside line of credit close, realized credit phone to serve a concept truly.

Chinese iron connects Zhang Yongping of general manager of group limited company to think, telegraphic service regards credit as consumer goods, congenital existence and financial credit serve integrated base. The bank that enrol business expresses, banking competition is intense, functional diversification and extension are changed will be the breach that forms competitive advantage, at the same time telecommunication of credit card to load serves, made up for the inadequacy of telegraphic service, satisfied the quick requirement that the user is raising credit side scale. Because this credit card is mixed,the conformity of Wu of electric be convinced has his inherent power and foundation.

Put 2007 income of business of operation of Chinese firm network and profit growth are quite low the consideration below confused setting, this action is Chinese iron connects the killer mace that fights a way of a blood in predicament undoubtedly. And the bank that enrol business entered brand-new business field, its performed the function of telegraphic operation business on certain level. Provider of Wu of appreciation report be convinced the company develops Yingtaimeidi its bridge and bond action, in this demand of user of cooperative lieutenant general is conducted and magnify, this action also is at present appreciation serves business to develop an epitome of industry application energetically. Tripartite in intense industry the each takes what he needs in changing facilitated to cooperate this.
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