Operation business recombines overnight shift to supersede firm network climate

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20 days, business of 4 big operation was announced at the same time in January 2008 the operation data of the portion, recombine night before last, shift is right of solid word replace had highlighted further, the disequilibrium pattern of telegraphic industry makes telecommunication recombines become more dear.

Expression differs each

China is mobile (0941.HK) add an user newly to innovate again tall, break through 7 million first, achieve 7.04 million, user number amounts to 376.4 million.

Chinese UniCom (0762.HK; 600050.SH) the outstanding achievement that because be in operation data,joined Guizhou Province first, user growth also has good performance: The user is added completely 1.428 million. Up to by January, uniCom user number is achieved 164 million.

China is telegraphic (0906.HK) connect with Chinese net (0906.HK) decline situation is more apparent: Chinese telegraphic telephone subscriber decreases 1.22 million, total user falls for 219 million; Chinese net connects solid word user to decrease seven hundred and sixty-four thousand three hundred, user number falls for 110 million.

Overall for, mobile operation business adds an user newly to be close to 8.5 million, and user of dealer of firm network operation decreases about 2 million.

In the mobile user that adds newly January, china's mobile portion is to be as high as 83.14% more, uniCom GSM net is occupied 13.28% , CDMA is occupied 3.58% , china moves and the difference between Chinese UniCom is in pull further big.

If China all communication users are calculated inside (include He Xiaoling of word of mobile phone, solid to connect) , china's mobile user market share is 43.3% , chinese UniCom GSM and CDMA and Chinese telecommunication and Chinese net reduction of fractions to a common denominator are not: 14.0% , 4.9% , 25.2% with 12.7% .

Drop an appraise sth through discussion

After operation business publishs operation data, morgan releases JP subsequently report, maintain the shift in be opposite " add hold " grade. JP Morgan thinks, mobile user grows a circumstance to anticipate more than in, it is all in endowment telegraphic a first selection.

Holand bank maintains Chinese UniCom " average " grade, reason is, the trade that Chinese UniCom remains its first selection recombines a concept. The parent company of predicting China UniCom will sell its CDMA asset to the parent company of Chinese telecommunication, will sell the UniCom of China of infuse of 40 billion HK dollar of earning, uniCom can improve CSM business with this capital.

Actually, overflow what begin to carry out from March 1 newly idle fund to expend a standard, also will increase the difficult position of business of firm network operation further, lucky silver cast had moved all right low the grade that Chinese telecommunication and Chinese net connect, think to be reduced in mobile operation business roam after cost, the user prediction of a person's luck in a given year of business of firm network operation and predicament will be increased further.
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