Data calls calamity of snow of 3 big telegraphic companies immediate loss 2.79 b

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Come from national endowment appoint data shows, up to 21 days, according to preliminary count, snow calamity brings about UniCom of shift of Chinese telecommunication, China, China 3 communication company is direct capital loss 2.79 billion yuan, income loss 1.23 billion yuan, operation cost raises 1.74 billion yuan.

Among them, circuitry of Chinese telecommunication damage achieves 38 thousand skin to grow a kilometer, road of damage communication lever 228 thousand, bureau of stricken be hit by a natural adversity module and receive a site twenty-two thousand eight hundred, damage radical stands more than 100 thousand, the impact is little well-informed with solid word user twelve million seven hundred and five thousand seven hundred.

Current, via urgent rush to repair, chinese telecommunication renews damage line 7505 skins grow a kilometer, restore communication lever region 30495, restore stricken be hit by a natural adversity module bureau and receive a site 8567, cable is grabbed entirely, suffer influence user communication to restore to make an appointment with 83.56% , chinese UniCom starts communication to ensure one class lash-up beforehand case, at present base the station restores to lead amount to 80% . China is mobile and various the company generates electricity circularly through carrying out difficult oily machine wait for safeguard measure, those who grab a service base the station amounts to 17 thousand, the communication that ensured disaster area to the greastest extent is expedite.

Before snow calamity, of be the first to be affected is electrified wire netting. The job rebuilds after calamity of electrified wire netting, predict in March the bottom is finished.

According to not complete count, system of countrywide electrified wire netting shares 15486 second circuitry to halt use (net of its China home appliance 7984 second, southern electrified wire netting 7502 second) , share 8709 (base) circuitry of 110 kilovolt above pours a tower, share 1563 transformer substation to halt use. Only low-pressure line of the country inside management section of corporation of national electrified wire netting is damaged 105 thousand kilometre, rechuck 426 thousand. Partial ground city appeared even the serious problem of whole town power failure. Communication company also sufferred severe calamity loss.

Up to on Feburary 14, national electrified wire netting serves the stricken be hit by a natural adversity county of the 99 % inside area to renew power supply, the user of stricken be hit by a natural adversity power cut of 95% restores to use phone, will be finished in the round before the bottom in March and restore electrified wire netting normal run mode. Rush to repair of southern electrified wire netting already restored to run 6111, 81.4% what hold sum total of circuitry halting use, because calamity stops 859 transformer substation of carry, already 703 restore to move, 81.8% what hold sum total of transformer substation halting use.
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