Xian market to force merchants mounted a telephone POS machines tenants refuse

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Last week, the "Grand View Garden market" a lot of phone call to the newspaper business, reflecting the mall market to force merchants to do to install POS machines and telephones, a blackout if the unrest, many people forced to sent money, but feel that this mandatory Behavior is unreasonable. Yesterday, this reporter visited the mall. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the Xian Xing Zhong Road, Grand View Garden market, the market is divided into three halls, all selling clothes, department store, many stores only 10 square meters, the commodity prices are not high, is low Grade shopping malls. Interview with three businesses, they all have to pay a 500 yuan deposit POS machines and telephone costs. Women's owner said a sale not long ago, shopping malls and merchants are informed, to give every credit card machines and POS installation Fixed telephone, "the clothes we sell large than 100 yuan, to the customers here are also spending cash payment, complete no need to install the POS machine." The owner said, is not only a POS machine, telephone and no one is willing to install, Large Family has a cell phone to call is entirely superfluous, "but the market do the work of the staff said, if not money but power. We can not, in order to do business, paid the money had to compromise." This reporter learned that the Office of the market traders have to pay a 500 yuan, 2 Office of the merchant because the "protest" only pay the cost of 200 yuan to install telephones, 3 had just put the Office of payment notice, not pay, but merchants visited Have expressed reluctance to pay to install the phone. Subsequently, the reporter went to the mall's marketing office, as is the weekend, the markets do no work. Press office posted the notice according to market the phone call in the past, a 2-room leader surnamed Zhao said that the leadership of the above account, requiring 2 to install CTT's Office business phones and wireless phone cable, pay 200 yuan per household , or Give business power. "I think this is very unreasonable, but the above said, we can only do so." Head said Zhao, the above notice did not say when the telephone is also the reason that he collect the money is difficult to explain with the business, clip In the middle of a bad man. In addition, the money is not a good income, currently 70% of the business 2 Office paid the money, the rest of the businesses do not want to pay. "This matter is now very hard to deal with, can only look at work and other supposed leaders Monday." He said that he would report to the leadership today to see how to deal with.

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