Three series of enterprise-class technology introduced T2X full range of IP te

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Three Technology (Simton Technologies) of the T2X series full range of enterprise-class IP phones coming soon. After many years and has recently linked network links technology and signed an agreement billion, the joint development of three links (Simton) dedicated a full range of enterprise-class IP telephones. Three million associated IP phone based on the original telephone T2X series hardware, and three links IPX (IP-PBX) products, when used in conjunction with the many special services. The first launch of the special services include: one to many paging, call park, MWI message reminder and a message to listen to, extension status display, business directory, RC4 encryption, and automatic configuration call. "As IP phones and terminal IPPBX also provided by us, and therefore the original Three IPX (IP PBX) on the basis of business networking will be a lot of new business, new solutions and new value-added, and from the same a complete solution provider will help solve the global system integrators face the compatibility of equipment and is difficult to choose a number of problems, "three links sword Chen, general manager, said:" and the links IPX (IP-PBX) products, the three T2X series IP phones through the same TI chipset using well-known and have high-quality features, and links to allow encrypted IP phone calls on any business other than the possible security risk countries and regions. " Three IPX (IPPBX) and three links T2X Series IP telephones can provide SMEs with high-quality telecom IPPBX low-cost solution. United IPX (IP PBX) and operators of existing accounts and VoIP interconnection of VoIP trunking capabilities, enterprise customers will realize unprecedented low monthly communication costs. With configurable rich unified communications business, the entire solution will completely replace traditional PBX and PBX systems, helping users turn to the Internet communications era of comprehensive, science and technology enterprise to achieve three links mission: to free office communications, mobile and efficient. Three T2X series IP telephones include the following models, T20, T22, T26, T28 and VP-2009 video phone, detailed technical specifications for the product in the company's Web site cn.simton.com area to find.

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