Britain first Android system is a fixed telephone

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According to the China Branch of CCPIT Electronics & Information Industry news, UK Binatone has released a rather bizarre products - running the Android operating system, home wireless phone "DECT iHome Phone". 70s of last century, the company in the UK low-cost digital TV consoles, sales of 80 players, I am afraid no one will think they are now actually launched a unique product. But also questioned who would buy this product. In fact, iHome Phone largely similar to the iPod, and even individual behavior and design than the iPod is superior. It comes with 320 × 240 pixels, 2.8 inch screen, with Wi-Fi wireless Internet access, in addition to all the ordinary can be installed to run on Android phones a variety of applications. The product also comes with headphone jack, you can listen to Internet radio, the base built-in stereo speakers. The base is available to support the U.S. Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPad and all "i Series equipment" buy accessories. The product's functionality has been well received. It can be said to enjoy music this is a network of digital entertainment content with pocket player, and in time you want to call, but also to make a call. In addition, the product also supports voice mail function, can record 14 minutes of messages. And even watching YouTube videos or receive mail and other use, the impact can be synchronized without any answer the phone. As a result, may be driven daily by leaps and bounds of traditional fixed-line upgrade. Although not published detailed technical parameters into Android operating system version, but reportedly the largest of its battery can support 8 hours of talk time or 80 hours of standby time, but also the information stored can be extended with microSD card slot . The most pleasant surprise is that its price was only 100 pounds (about 1,000 yuan). Moreover, since a fixed telephone, of course, mobile operators do not need to customize the bundled services. UK Binatone plans to launch the product before Christmas.

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