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With New Year approaching, more and more customers began to buy large quantities of lead stored in the flag long chip technology digital recording telephone, such as Shanghai 110,120 alarm calls, Shanghai China Union Company and many other companies, have purchasing 400 hours leading online version of the flag technology digital recording telephone, in response to the upcoming holiday vacation. Link flag technology GOV-N Series digital recording telephone, is a leading technology with the flag over the years in recording technology and voice technology expertise to develop a listing of high-efficiency digital recording telephone, the phone using the latest digital electronic technology, auxiliary to the present by far the most advanced system software, enabling customers to build a strong record system, to solve customer experience recording, monitoring and queries. Link flag technology GOV-N Series Digital Answering Features: Digital recording and playback of digital mode, hi-fidelity reproduction. Recording using a large-capacity file storage chips, safe and reliable, read quickly and easily. Recording rapid retrieval of content and call records. According to the telephone number, call date, time, calling and called numbers to retrieve recordings. Clarity of the phone interface, intuitive, easy to use. A recorded message can be set, the owner was away, under the circumstances set the tone for different callers. Link flag technology GOV-N Series phones use online professional recording digital recording technology, mature and stable, cost-effective high technology digital recording telephone lead flag to achieve high-quality voice playback, sound quality is clear and soft, the effect of interference from the environment. Telephone recording technology has also brought the flag with the volume automatic gain setting, hands-free calling when results would be unaffected. In addition, the series also enables local recording telephone message recording and automatic answer function, to meet any enterprise, business, organization units, home, holiday stay, information and evidence collection, clearly define the responsibilities and other needs. Link flag technology GOV-N Series digital recording telephone is relying on a strong media and Internet delivery platform, has opened up beyond the traditional high-efficiency features new recordings of telephone products. GOV-N series of digital recording technology for digital phone integrated, but also constantly on the digital technology and analog technologies to study the advantages of between, for analog technology, digital technology, Internet technology, communication technology between the four areas complementary advantages, new products, online digital recording telephone ahead of its time, exceed customer demand, a landmark masterpiece. Link flags GOV-N series of digital recording phones, the phone can not only separate recording, and audio files can be backed up simultaneously to the specified PC, or specify the server. Even if there PC, or specify the server power outages, etc., it will not affect normal transmission of audio files. The only phone in the audio file you can set two passwords, and can be specified in the PC server machine and set the administrator password to ensure that the use value of the audio file, according to the right to delete, backup audio file operations. In addition, the leading flag technology GOV-N series is the online version of digital recording telephone number of cross-region, the group of business efficiency and performance improvement to enhance the application of the most urgent business tool, but also medium and small business users the most intimate of rational choice. Link flag technology GOV-N Series Digital Answering random distribution leading flag company recorded telephone installation software, and phone software installation is simple, once installed, customers have peace of mind with life, rest assured. Digital recording technology is currently leading the flag has been widely used in the domestic telephone at major airports, customs, transport and logistics, securities companies, insurance companies, electric power, public security bureau, hospitals, schools, business, courts, telecommunications, government, military and so on.

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