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Raise to you enrol how to undertake commerce keeps secret the job

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The enterprise should rely on law to protect his right on one hand, outside also wanting to adopt measure to prevent commercial secret on the other hand, steal, inside the happening that steals incident, and the event of divulge a secret that if the talent flows,wait and produces happens. According to the content of commercial secret and existence form, secret of a trade wants precaution to be encroached, I suggest the enterprise takes the following step: One, strengthen fortify of entrance guard of   of entrance guard system. To calling in person, identify the identity, ask Qing Dynasty calls in main content, do not let have nothing to do personnel especially the competitor enters a company casually. Build the system that register, necessary word is right the bag that carry, bag kind article takes deposit. 2, the administrative   that strengthens confidential area builds system of in-house monitoring establishment, guard against theft, do not let have nothing to do personnel is informal pass in and out is confidential area, wait for high experience secret section like development department of technical ministry, product, reference room. 3, strengthen information management, the corporeal carrier that to a few keys the information such as data of technical data, recipe wants information of   of of break up the whole into parts is commercial secret. To storing data, computer dish piece, build administrative system, crucial point place arranges reliable staff person specially assigned for a task or job custodial data, use, duplicate must register approval. Of important data use, duplicate must lead approval via comparing high company; In-house to the company computer is established classification operation countersign, to getting online computer is controlled strictly, prevent information through interrelating the net transmits have things stolen.   4, build   of in-house and confidential system to build company confidential system, keep the confidential system of the company " employee manual " , confidential sense loses with respect to Xiang Jiguan when employee enters a company, understanding company protects the duty of commercial secret, understand the confidential grade of data of company of all kinds information, let employee be in at ordinary times prevent in the job innocently divulge a secret, if be in business affairs negotiation. 5, sign significant confidential agreement and contest course of study to prohibit consultative company should conclude with direct experience close personnel confidential agreement, if an enterprise cannot provide the content of confidential agreement quite, detect of classics of our public security basically is accepted very hard, signing confidential agreement is a when protect commercial secret important way. In the meantime, should conclude with direct experience close personnel contest course of study prohibits agreement, make clear bilateral right and obligation lawfully. 6, build build system of company of   of system of whole ways of the world undesirable, it is the mainest reason that employee leaves his post, it is the main reason that company business secret flows to a competitor more. Build build system of entire company ways of the world, fix pay of wages material benefits and system of human affairs preferment, strengthen a person to manage originally, increase emotional investment, reduce staff especially in the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of senior talented person and the event of commercial secret divulge a secret that produce.   7, in just signing activity of business of   of contract of conservative trade secret with cooperation, cooperation often just becomes the most competitive mate through a paragraph of period, call the old boss previously even utterly routed, explore its reason, basically be to be in synergic process, used business relation to master craft, production gradually technology and administrative part are artful, once the condition is mature, with respect to spurn old boss, become one arteries and veins oneself, participate in competition. Just must sign commercial secret contract with cooperation in synergic process so, master commercial secret what prevent its to use business affairs to become a competitor; Prevent its at the same time to tripartite divulge a secret.   8, the happening that enterprise of   of the divulge a secret in preventing information to release a process should prevent to reveal commercial secret because of releasing information, especially project technology personnel, administrator publishs paper, involve enterprise interior information must permissive company agrees.   9, the knowledge that enhances pair of trade secrets, undertake for experience close personnel business grooms secretly regularly, learn the particular way of confidential job.

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