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Experience close magnetizing mediums and CD are used have what regulation

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The use of experience close magnetizing mediums and CD should notice the following:
(1) uses computer to handle experience secret information, should take the confidential technology step that prevents electromagnetism leak. If install electromagnetism to disturb implement or electromagnetism screen stage;
(2) experience close computer must not be linked together with communal website or Internet;
(3) is memory of experience secret information on floppy disk, tag close class to floppy disk, according to experience secret file undertakes keeping;
(4) handles the computer of experience secret information, want to place the place in on the safe side, install confidential code, control its to contact limits;
(5) experience close floppy disk, CD should be saved in password ark, experience close computer and server place an environment to ought to accord with safe and confidential requirement;
(6) carries computer of experience close notebook, floppy disk, CD to go out, beard classics unit leads approval, take necessary safeguard, make experience close carrier is in the effective control that carries a person from beginning to end under;
(7) is forbidden carry computer of experience close notebook, CD to leave the country. Need those who leave the country to carry because of the job truly, ought to according to about confidential regulation conduction approval is mixed carry formalities;
(8) experience close personnel leaves his post before leaving post, all Qing Dynasty such as the head of experience cipher telegram that should keep place, floppy disk, CD is retreated, deal with turn over formalities.

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