Use wired phone to transmit experience secret information what to ought to adopt

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One, build special and telegraphic network. Use special and telegraphic net to transmit experience secret information, it is the effective method that prevents wired communication divulge a secret. Because,this is, special and telegraphic net and net of city word telecommunication are kept apart completely, can string together phonic eavesdrop with preventing to use the confidential information of wired communication. In the meantime, the subterranean cable that place of special and telegraphic net uses or cable still are prevented effectively make contact eavesdrop perhaps uses electromagnetism radiate wiretap the confidential information of wired communication. Especially cable, nonexistent electromagnetism radiate, it is the communication line with confidential better performance.
2, use low radiation phone. Use low radiation phone to weaken electromagnetism radiant intensity effectively, reduce electromagnetism radiate distance. The phone that at present secret unit of numerous Party and goverment officials, experience uses prevents electromagnetism leak to handle without the course. Because this transmits experience secret information to must set a standard according to the country, use the low radiation phone that passes radiation-proof processing.
3, use add close phone. Adding close phone is to will send the one's voice in speech of word person to add close become add close signal to be transmitted on circuit, when reaching the other side, pass impose cipher telegram sentence machine general signal is reductive for mandarin sound. In can avoiding to be transmitted in circuit so, be stolen close.

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