Intel is pushed new-style steal a technology to lock up come to a standstill of

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Intel company and its partner are devoting oneself to the safe technology of notebook computer, it is so called steal a technology instead (ATT) . The report middle finger of X-Bit lab goes out " Intel steals technical general to be in the application end 2008 on notebook computer instead. Say according to this company, this technology aux will be able to is banned quite with the system, ban be accessed with data and protect hard disk driver (through adding close all data) " .
ATT is the manages a technology actively one part of Intel, this one technology is applying in the computer of business affairs notebook of Centrino Pro brand at present. Centrino Pro includes major government tool, can supervise gender and security, these technologies are in current fast gallop do not have in double nucleus system.
Still do not know to steal technical detailed information instead at present, er of Dan Ying spy expresses, it is with Absolute Software, fujitsu-Siemens Computers, lenovo, mcAfee, phoenix Technologies, research and development of these Ultimaco Software worlds' famous company of this technology.

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