Eavesdrop and defend eavesdrop technology

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The purpose of eavesdrop is the talk between eavesdrop others. As the ceaseless development of science and technology, the meaning of eavesdrop exceeds partition eavesdrop, cut to listen to the concept of the phone already, its have the aid of at measure of technical equipment, technology, not only filch language information, return the filch data, character, information such as image. Eavesdrop technology is the floorboard of the eavesdrop device that eavesdrop action place uses and eavesdrop method, it includes detectaphone capable person, steal those who listen to signal to transmit, confidential, processing, detectaphone installation, make in order to and the signal section that join suitably with eavesdrop close etc. Opposing eavesdrop technique is the technology that shows detectaphone of discovery, fish eliminates eavesdrop to act. Preventing eavesdrop is to show the likelihood is issued by the circumstance of eavesdrop, make listener-in cannot get confidential information be on guard measure. "Eavesdrop technology " connotation is very extensive, especially the eavesdrop equipment of high quality scales or older eavesdrop system, should incorporate such as signal concealment, technology of the remote control that imposes kind of secret technology, job, automata, a lot of domains of the modern science and technology such as technology of processing of technology of signal modulation, demodulation and network technology, signal, language identifying, microelectronics, photoelectron. Here we will " eavesdrop technology " , basically be to point to the technics that gets information, also include gotten information deliver a method. The method of phone eavesdrop is very much, have commonly usedly: Control user phone through phone switching equipment, build phone eavesdrop system, listen to scouting target phone has section. According to the report, to the phone at present communication has the full-time personnel of uninterrupted eavesdrop 24 hours: France 2800 people, 6500 people of American, england 3000 people, one former Russia 5500 people, germany 2900 people. The full-time personnel that phone of whole world eavesdrop corresponds makes an appointment with 35000 people. System of phone of this kind of eavesdrop is very old, automation rate is very high, want target phone to be used only, listening equipment starts executive eavesdrop instantly, only then the date of the number of machine making a word, communication and time also at the same time by self-recording come down. Use string of sound wiretap of line means. It is to point to all the way the likelihood on line induction the phone signal on another line. Because mutual electromagnetism induction is caused after line, transformer or apposition of other circuitry component,this is. Compare poor communication circuitry to technical quality, if use open wire or the telecommunication cable with poor quality, sometimes two circuitry want to a few centimeter grow only one by one R is mutual and parallel, can arise enough string of strong sound. This kind is strung together sound listen not to come out directly sometimes, but it is clear to can listen with amplifier enlarge. The information office of inchoate some country uses this kind of characteristic design to make string of sound detectaphone, offer the spy that sends past foreign country secretly to them to use. They string together the phone in living ground phonic detectaphone bond is on line, in eavesdrop and the other circuitry with this parallel line communicate sound. Rise ceaselessly as the quality of communication circuitry and communication equipment, especially high grade telecommunication cable and optical fibre cable replaced open wire, gave string of sound eavesdrop to increase difficulty. Eavesdrop parts of an apparatus is installed in phone system, eavesdrop communicates content. Use voice of the talk inside the room of some part eavesdrop of phone system.

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