How does guard against theft use cordless telephone machine prevent eavesdrop

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1. Cordless telephone machine is the cordless telephone machine that how implementation guard against theft uses realize guard against theft to use through the password commonly. Alleged password, send in the mobile phone namely dial before information, send first beforehand the password of set, let baseplate test and verify, those who approbate a mobile phone " the identity " , just begin to receive the information that mobile phone hair comes to. Embezzling mobile phone does not have a password or the password is incorrect, because this cannot pass your baseplate to enter city word net, prevented to embezzle so. The digit of the password heals much, confidential sex also has healed. Specific means is as follows: (1) should press certain kind only with user of key-press input password, operate importable password through key-press, the password is decided by him user. The defect of this kind of means is an input the program is trival, master not easily sometimes. (2) input password code to arise randomly by the personal computer inside engine of the word that do not have a rope randomly by the program, him user does not know a code. Although keep secret sexual comparing has been inputted with key-press,use this kind of means, but still need an user to press program operation. (3) the password that automatic and random password inputs with this kind of means, do not require user operation, install automatically by the personal computer inside cordless telephone machine completely finish. Put when charging on baseplate when the mobile phone, generate a random code automatically, and every time after the mobile phone is used, want replace baseplate to go up only, can examine afresh or the code with new set, the confidential sex of means of generation of this kind of password is very so strong. To the user, use very convenient also. 2. Cordless telephone machine is the plane of the word that do not have a rope that how implementation defends eavesdrop prevent eavesdrop to have two kinds of ways commonly: It is the means that uses metabolic frequency to be opposite, change usable and artificial or automatically. Be opposite as a result of use frequency often change, make listener-in masters not easily; In the meantime, there is interference in discovery or transmit when the situation is bad, changeover is opposite to appropriate frequency on, also assured to transmit reliable. The signal connection of the 2 mobile phones that are engine of the word that do not have a rope and baseplate is used add close decode measure, especially digital type does not have stringy word engine, add close outside decoding case, go to the lavatory. Not be oneself mobile phone and baseplate, because do not have,decode measure accordingly or step is wrong, cannot eavesdrop.

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